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Medical Journal

Accessible Journal

"It came through just fine.  When we get back to that part of the world, we would be delighted to have your assistance again.  Won't be for a while.  Michelle is looking good.  Her doctor was pleased she is doing so well.  Tomorrow we see the endocrine doctor... "

- Ellen

"First of all, thank you Aileen and Kliff for a wonderful holiday. We all
enjoyed it so much. It worked out better than we could have imagined. You
must pass our thanks onto John, the taxi driver and his lady. Kliff your
attention was most appreciated at our various destinations. We were all very
impressed with Singapore.I hope the equipment was left in excellent condition.."

- Barbara Owen


"Our family had the most wonderful stay at your hotel in Aug/ Sept. As you were aware this was our first international family holiday since Sam fractured his neck 15 yrs. ago, which left him paralysed. Your staff were outstanding, so helpful, kind, efficient  and the hotel's  position in the centre of town gave us easy access with the wheelchair. The facilities at the hotel for Sam and his carer made it easy to accommodate the extra equipment required for his care. The staff's relationship with the disability agency was very well managed with everything in place for us upon arrival.

The disability taxi service was to be commended, always there for us and so happy to help.

I would like you to pass my very special thanks to Peter Kan, Lobby Ambassador, who was such a wonderful man, professional in his manner and very caring. Pass our thanks onto Robert, who recommended the Indian dinner. The boys thought he was terrific and always happy.
Singapore for the disabled is a well facilitated city, accessible ramps everywhere. The presentation of your various tourists attractions gave us easy travel to everything. For Sam, who does no longer control his body temperature, the climate was ideal. This is a huge issue with with spinally injured people and should be considered in your holiday promotion. Thank you all again for a wonderful stay..."

- Barbara, George, David, Sam and Nick












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