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International Patient Guide

International Patient Guide

Singapore is a tropical garden city with world class transport and efficient administration to help tourists seeking medical treatment and wellness enhancement. Before you make your trip to seek medical treatment and wellness enrichment in Singapore, there are specific issues to observe.

Our Service

SGmedicaltour provides a wide spectrum of medical concierge services to help clients plan and visit Singapore for their healthcare enrichment and medical treatment. SGmedicaltour customises our service and provide peace of mind service to our clients during their travel.

Select a Healthcare Provider and treatment

It is important to select a hospital or clinic and physician or surgeon that is trustworthy and makes their patients feel comfortable. Patients have the right to ask questions about the treatments they are considering, especially regarding the competency of the physician and potential alternatives or complications. Because this decision is an important one, it is best to avoid dealing with medical service providers who act impatiently or unsympathetically.

SGMEDICALTOUR has been working with various medical professional in the region and is in a better position to advise our clients on the selection of the healthcare provider and refer our clients to appropriate medical physicians and hospital or  specialist centre matching their budget and preferences.

SGMEDICALTOUR makes available list of hospitals, specialist centres and physician directory to aid our clients make their selection. Clients are strongly encouraged to log into the database and make their selection. SGMEDICALTOUR will provide necessary assistance to help them finalise their choice.

Different medical or healthcare providers have different policies regarding the length of stay for particular medical procedures, depending on the potential complications for such procedures. Client is advisable to make sure sufficient medical supervision is given for as long as is necessary to ensure that potential complications are no longer a threat to their health. SGMEDICALTOUR will work with our health supplier and arrange for proper medical care and after-treatment care when needed.

Asking the doctor and hospital

It is importance to clarify with the doctor or hospital representative and ensure that you get the proper medical treatment. One of the most important things to ask about is your personal safety, making sure to prepare yourself adequately. Clients are encouraged to ask tough questions regarding the physician’s skills or the potential complications that may arise during or after a medical procedure. As it is your body and your choice as to who will be responsible for operating on it, make sure you ask and get answers to all the questions necessary to make you feel comfortable and confident selecting a procedure or a particular doctor or hospital.
Clients are also strongly encouraged to clarify about the fees and financial charges before they finalise their choice of treatment plans, including whether the particular procedures are being covered under the insurance plan.

Questions you may wish to ask a doctor or hospital personnel include:

 What professional memberships do you belong to?
• What qualifications do you hold and where did you receive them?
• Are you certified with local, national, and/or international health organizations?
• What training have you received for performing this procedure?
• Do you have any other qualifications, certifications, or experience in performing this procedure?
• What is your experience in performing this type of procedure?
• How many operations of this type have you performed on previous occasions?
• How frequently and when did you last perform this type of procedure?
• What is your personal success rate for this procedure?
• What is the rate of complications that you have experienced when performing this type of procedure?
• Will I need to undergo anesthesia during this procedure? 
  - If so, what type of anesthesia will be required?
  - If so, have you and the anesthesiologist worked together before?
  - If so, will the anesthesiologist perform a pre-operative and/or post-operative evaluation?
• Will the procedure take place in a private hospital, outpatient clinic, or at the doctor’s personal clinic?
• If at a private clinic, how nearby is an intensive care unit in case of emergency?
• What are the emergency medical facilities at the clinic in the event that something goes wrong during the procedure?
• How often do you conduct procedures at that clinic or hospital?
• Do you have a crash cart in case of an emergency?
• What happens if something goes wrong and I need additional treatment or another operation?
  - Who will be required to pay for any additional fees?
  - Who will be required to pay for any additional hospital costs?
• Do you have any ‘before and after’ pictures of patients you have personally treated?
• How long will I be hospitalized?
• How much recovery time will the procedure require?
• How soon after the procedure can I fly home?
• What is included in the price of the procedure?
• What is not included in the price of the procedure?
• Is there any insurance coverage for this procedure?

What to do after treatment

After the medical treatment, there are a number of options for post-treatment recovery period. Depending on the level of invasiveness of the procedure client undergo, client may opt to remain in the area where treatment was given to schedule follow up examinations at the hospital. Alternatively, SGmedicaltour will assist in arranging for step-down accommodations to help client during the post-treatment recovery.

Client is encouraged to take advantage of the time in Singapore to do some shopping, visit a spa or check out some of the country’s cultural or historical attractions. Singapore has many gardens that offer refreshing airs and views.

Those undergoing dentistry or cosmetic surgeries that are less invasive may choose to take part in various activities such as golf or visit our breaches or sentosa or take a day cruise around nearby islands, which are ideal for rest and relaxation. Client can also take a short trip to nearby countries like Malaysia Genting Highland, Indonesia Bali or Thailand Changmai before they return to their home town.

Whatever medical treatments you opt to undergo, there are numerous options for post-treatment therapeutic care as well as a wide variety of recreational activities, allowing you to make the most of your medical holiday in Singapore.

Some other factors to consider:

• How much pain can I expect after the procedure? 
  - How long will the pain last?
• What complications can occur during or after this kind of procedure?
• How soon after the procedure can I have visitors?
• Will I need physiotherapy after the procedure?
   - For how long?
   - Where will this take place?
• What help will I need at home after the procedure?
   - For how long will I need help?
• How long should I wait before I can go back to work?
• What restrictions will there be on my normal activities after the procedure?
- For example, will I be able to drive/climb stairs/run/play sports/have sex/take a bath?
• When will I need to come back for a follow up appointment?

Contact SGMEDICALTOUR Client Service Centre

SGMEDICALTOUR provides a wide range of useful services for international patients to help our clients manage their trip to Singapore and ensure a seamless and hassle-free medical tourism journey. These include
• Doctor's referral and medical appointments
• Visa applications and extensions
• Flight arrangements and airport transfer services
• Accommodation bookings for accompanying persons
• Language interpretation services
• Advice on cost estimates and medical financial counselling
• Private nursing arrangement
• Arrangements for special dietary requirements
• Religious arrangements
• Travel Concierge services
• Emergency care and non-emergency care
• Air evacuation and repatriation
• Visitor information and local sightseeing arrangements
• Regional countries sightseeing arrangement

SGMEDICALTOUR is always there to be your medical travel concierge. Email us at enquiry@sgmedicaltour or call us at +65.97557166 client hotline for your medical and leisure travel needs.


SGMedicaltourTrip Planner

Trip Planner
Traveling to a foreign country, particularly for the first time, can be an intimidating experience. SGMEDICALTOUR helps you plan and operate your trip to Singapore.

1. Finalise your preferred choice of doctor and hospital and arrange for an appointment.

  • SGmedicaltour will assist you to contact      the doctor and fix appointment

2. Schedule return air travel, reserve accommodation, and book any tour packages. Make sure plenty of time are allocated to rest post treatment when booking the return flight. Patients with heart problems, in particular, should not fly immediately after treatment. If you need more information about Singapore medical tourism, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +65.97557166

  • SGmedicaltour will work with you to      proposal a travel itinerary and budget to suit your needs, which includes      air-port pick up, schedule transfer to hospital or clinic for your medical      appointment and assist in hotel check-in or hospital admission.

3. SGmedicaltourwork with you to gather medical information/documents require for you medical trip and get you to prepare these documents as well as the following documents that you should keep conveniently located while traveling to Singapore:

  • Emergency contacts, including relatives,      friends and your home physician.
  • Map of the locations and telephone numbers      of your home embassy in Singapore, the hospital where you will receive      medical treatment and the hotel at which you are intending to stay.
  • Copies of your passport, air tickets,      medical prescriptions and other essential medical paperwork.

4. Upon receiving your payment for the transfer and accommodation fee, SGmedicaltourwill assign account executive to work with you and prepare for on-site concierge service and ensure that our client has peace of mind to focus on their healthcare and medical procedures.

5. SGmedicaltour work with you to plan for your after-treatment care according to your healthcare condition if necessary.

  • SGmedicaltour is your personal on-site      medical travel concierge to help you plan and manage your medical travel      matters. We provides one-stop travel concierge service to plan your trop      from the day you touch down airport till you depart back home.




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