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TCM Health foods and Herbs

Food therapy
Specific foods can be eaten to treat specific conditions, which also known as food therapy.
Every food has a different nature, mainly classified under yin, yang and neutral food. Yin comprises of cold and cooling foods (watermelon, pear, barley, water chestnut, eggplant, etc.), while yang comprises of hot and warming foods (durian, mango, ginger, chilies, etc.) These varieties of foods act upon the body in different ways and affect the state of health. An imbalance in either the Yin or Yang in the body could be counteracted by eating foods of the opposite energy.
A prescribed diet can used to maintain health in addition to treating conditions. For example, garlic can be used to treat indigestion and diarrhoea. A balanced diet would include foods of all natures which maintain balance and harmony of Yin and Yang in the body.

TCM Herbs
As compared to food, herbs have a greater effect and act faster. It is used to maintain and/or improve the body's balance by attributing to different meridians to treat different illnesses.
Similarly to foods, herbs are also classified as having a cold, cool, hot and warm nature.

medical Herbs are classified according to the following:
  • Qi tonics: American ginseng, Chinese ginseng Dangshen, Astralagus and Shanyao.
  • Blood tonics : Danggui and Shudihuang.
  • Tonics to reinforce Yang : Lurong, Dongchongxiacao and Duzhong.
  • Tonics for nourishing the Yin: Maimendong, Yuzhu and Gouqizi.

However, some herbs can lead to side effects and allergic reactions in an individual, thus it should be taken with medical advice.




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