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Traveling to a foreign country, particularly for the first time, can be an intimidating experience. SGMEDICALTOUR helps you plan and operate your trip to Singapore.

1. Finalise your preferred choice of doctor and hospital and arrange for an appointment.

  • SGmedicaltour will assist you to contact the doctor and fix appointment

2. Schedule return air travel, reserve accommodation, and book any tour packages. Make sure plenty of time are allocated to rest post treatment when booking the return flight. Patients with heart problems, in particular, should not fly immediately after treatment. If you need more information about Singapore medical tourism, please email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at +65.97557166

  • SGmedicaltour will work with you to      proposal a travel itinerary and budget to suit your needs, which includes      air-port pick up, schedule transfer to hospital or clinic for your medical appointment and assist in hotel check-in or hospital admission.

3. SGmedicaltourwork with you to gather medical information/documents require for you medical trip and get you to prepare these documents as well as the following documents that you should keep conveniently located while traveling to Singapore:

  • Emergency contacts, including relatives,friends and your home physician.
  • Map of the locations and telephone numbers of your home embassy in Singapore, the hospital where you will receive medical treatment and the hotel at which you are intending to stay.
  • Copies of your passport, air tickets, medical prescriptions and other essential medical paperwork.

4. Upon receiving your payment for the transfer and accommodation fee, SGmedicaltourwill assign account executive to work with you and prepare for on-site concierge service and ensure that our client has peace of mind to focus on their healthcare and medical procedures.

5. SGmedicaltour work with you to plan for your after-treatment care according to your healthcare condition if necessary.

  • SGmedicaltour is your personal on-site medical travel concierge to help you plan and manage your medical travel matters. We provides one-stop travel concierge service to plan your trip from the day you touch down airport till you depart back home.



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