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Financial Concierge

SGmedicaltour will assist you in planning for your medical expenses whenever possible. For all the medical or healthcare treatment, SGmedicaltour will work with respective medical and healthcare providers to give our client a financial estimate, while SGmedicaltour will assist in managing your traveling expenses. Ask your account manager to provide you with the financial estimate before you travel so that you are better prepared and find a package that suit your budget.

Working beyond budgeting for the medical travel expenses, our associates will also assist our clients in planning their financial investment in Singpaore.

Working with local financial company and banks, Asia Travel Group helps our overseas clients manage their financial in Singapore. Regardless of your needs, from transfer of money or remittance, deposit money, investing in financial instruments, property investment or starting business in Singapore, Asia Travel Group of companies is able to find the suitable professional to work with our clients.

Our financial concierge service goes beyond money management. We help client setting up new company in Singapore, searching for suitable office location, finding suitable schools for their children, including helping in application for Permanent Residence or employment pass in Singapore.

Asia Travel Groups of company leverage on its sister companies to provide employment service, business corporate service, education advisory service and vehicle leasing which provide total solution to help family and company

  • Money management in Singapore, including Remittance and money transfer
  • Advice on investment in financial instruments, property and mortgage
  • Advice on business investment and corporate secretary service
  • Advice on education service, study tour and children’s college funding
  • Application of employment pass, PR and Visa
  • Refer clients to trusted professionals. (CPAs, attorneys, business advisors, mortgage lenders, realtors, doctors, and dentists, et al.)

Email your personal profile and financial needs to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will refer your needs to professional financial planner to assist you.




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