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About Singapore


Singapore the world class Medical Hub

Singapore is one the better places in Asia for your medical treatments.  Consistently ranked Asia’s most liveable city, Singapore has long attracted visitors drawn to its high standards of living, cleanliness, safety and cosmopolitan culture.

What’s more, the 400,000 or so medical travellers and their families who come every year to Singapore are drawn to these shores because of its stellar reputation as an international medical hub, with excellent healthcare facilities and well-trained professionals looking after their every need.  Recognised as having the best healthcare system in Asia by the World Health Organisation, you will be pleased to know that Singapore is home to not one, but several leading medical centres such as Johns Hopkins Singapore International Medical Centre (the first Johns Hopkins clinical facility outside the United States), Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and The Biopolis, the country’s very own biomedical R&D hub.  The doctors, researchers and specialists who practise here are highly qualified professionals, and, in many cases, renowned experts in their fields.

Asia's Premier Biomedical Sciences Hub

Singapore is actively advancing the application of biomedical research in healthcare and extending its capabilities to clinical trials and healthcare delivery.  Most of the world's leading biomedical companies established their R&D centers in Singapore.  These research centers delivered the latest innovative treatments and therapies available in Singapore.

High Safety Standards

Patients enjoy faster access to safe new treatments and healthcare products under Singapore's healthcare system.  The city sets and enforces standards to safeguard public health and ensure efficiency while supporting medical advancement.

Highly qualified and experienced professionals administer our healthcare system.  The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore sets strict standards on drug evaluation, pharmaceutical administration, medical devices, analytical science, forensic science and medicine, radiation protection and transfusion medicine. 

Peace of Mind

Many international patients have placed full trust in Singapore's healthcare and safety standards. They are at ease in our multiracial and multicultural society.  For offering peace of mind, Singapore is the first choice of many international patients.

Medical Treatment You can Trust

As a base for many of the world’s best known pharmaceutical, medical technology and biomedical R&D companies, Singapore consistently sets high standards for the training and education of its medical professionals and healthcare providers.

Over the years, it has attracted many renowned specialists and biomedical scientists and as such, when you choose Singapore for medical treatment, you can be sure of getting access to state-of the- art medical technology and the latest clinical trials.

Inspiring Confidence in our Patients

Medical visitors to Singapore can be assured that the treatment they receive is on par with that of the world’s leading medical centres. As the table below illustrates,  Singapore’s success rate can sometimes be higher than that of other established hospitals in the United States.

Liver Transplant

National University Hospital Singapore US OPTN*
5-year survival rate 78% 68-86%
IVF Mount Elizabeth Hospital
Live baby birth rate 39.4% 34.4%

OPTN : United States Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network
CDC   : United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Based on figures and statistics from 2007

Wide range of choice

Singapore offer government-aided and privately-operated medical treatment catering to different segments of clients.  Each of the hospitals has their own areas of specialty and offer different levels of comfort.  Clients can choose for a 5-star equivalent of medical suite at the private hospital or budget accommodation at government hospital groups.

International clients can opt for different types of health treatment from Western medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and alternate medical treatment.  Singapore offer unique east-meet-west medical treatment in Singapore.

Singapore also offer comprehensive range of residential and community-based healthcare services that caters to the long term care needs of patients, which include inpatient hospice institutions, home nursing, day rehabilitation centers, psychiatric day care centers and psychiatric rehabilitation homes.

International Patients Choose Singapore

Hospitals and healthcare services in Singapore are regarded as a few of the most sought-after destinations for treatment in Asia.  The group delivers quality care supported by state-of-the-art technology and innovates to maintain its lead in healthcare provision.

Many leading private healthcare groups in Asia established their presence in Singapore, these include hospital such as Parkway health, Raffles Hospital and various specialty centers. 

International patients seek a wide range of treatment at these hospitals and specialty centers in Singapore.  They originate from Singapore, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, India, United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates and Russia.

SGMEDICALTOUR and its parent company Asia Travel Group provide one-stop medical travel, leisure tour and accessible tour in Singapore and the region.

Send your  enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we shall get back to your queries within 2 working days.

Singapore - the world class financial garden city state

Singapore is a dynamic and multi-cultural city; strategic located with excellent infrastructure and great attractions.  Singapore has world class air port, sea port, land transport infrastructure and attractions.

Singapore is a global financial hub, recognised for its excellence education and training facilities and actively developing its bio-medical industry for the well-being of mankind.

Singapore has approximately 5.18 million people.  The 4 main ethnic groups of people are Chinese, Malays, Indians and Eurasians.  Different religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and others coexist peacefully.  English is the official working language.

Most international patients feel that Singapore is a safe and corruption free country.  They also like Singapore for her cleanliness, efficient and friendly people.

Singapore has a tropical climate so it is advisable to wear lighter clothes.  There are different attractions to suit everyone from family getaways such as Garden By-The-Bay, world renowned parks like the Night Safari, Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Zoo to art galleries and nightlife hot spots at Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.

There are 4 official languages in Singapore: Malay, Mandarin, Tamil and English.  English is the language of business and administration, and is widely spoken and understood.  Most Singaporeans are bilingual, and speak their mother tongue as well as English.  Malay is the national language.

Singapore is very serious about its education system.  The government spends more than 3% national GDP on education annually.  It has continuous programme to upgrade the hardware and the software of the education system.  The system is close aligned to the development of the economy and it ensures that it produces capable manpower to support the economy.

Major Air Hub
Singapore is well-connected to everywhere in the world with our Changi International Airport serving more than 60 airlines to over 145 cities.

The local currency is Singapore Dollars and Cents. Most major shopping malls also accept US Dollars, Euros, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen and British Pounds.

Exchange of currency is readily available in every major shopping centres. 

Many banks are opened from Monday to Friday, 10:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday, 9:30am to 1:00pm.  However, there is an increasingly number of banks that open till late evening and even on Sundays.

Most banks accept travellers’ cheques and change foreign currencies.  Please remember to bring your passports when cashing travellers’ checks.  Note that a nominal commission may be charged.

Credit / Call Charges

Any stores in Singapore (especially the ones in town area) accept major credit cards. Here are their contact numbers.

American Express : (65) 6880 1111
Diners Club : (65) 6416 0905
JCB : (65) 6734 0206
MasterCard :

(65) 800 110 0113 (toll-free inb Singapore only)

Visa : (65) 800 448 1250 (toll-free in Singapore only)

Money Changers
Many shopping malls have licensed money changers.  You can also change money at banks and hotels.

GST Refund
Consumer pays a value-added Good and Services Tax (GST) of 7%.  If you purchase your goods from retailers that participated in the Tourist Refund Scheme, you can claim GST refund if you meet certain eligibility criteria and conditions.  GST refund is not claimable for services or goods that are consumed within the premises of Singapore.

For more information on the criteria for GST refund, please visit http://www.customs.gov.sg/leftNav/trav/Tourist+Refund+Scheme.htm

Postal Services
Most post offices are opened from Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.  On Saturdays, they are opened from 8:30am to 1:00pm.

Making Phone Calls
If you are making an international call to Singapore, dial the access code followed by 65 (the country code) and the Singapore telephone number.  There is no area code.

There are 3 mobile phone service providers: SingTel, M1 and StarHub.  To make international calls, the access codes are 001, 013 or 019 for SingTel; 002 or 021 for M1; and 008 or 018 for StarHub.  These companies also sell phone cards and operate public payphones.

Many independent service providers and the post office offer SGD10 to SGD20 calling cards and you can use them to make international calls.  You can buy these calling cards from the post offices, 7-Eleven stores and many other retail outlets.

Drinking Water
Singapore water is safe to drink straight from the tap.  If you prefer bottled water, you can easily purchase them in any supermarkets, grocery stores or 24/7 convenience stores.

Drug Abuse
For anyone caught trafficking drugs, the penalty is severe and may even be punishable by death.

Singapore's voltage is 220 to 240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second and we use 3-pin, square-shaped power plugs.  Most hotels will be able to provide power transformers upon request.

Smoking in most public places is allowed at allocated smoking areas that are marked clearly.  Otherwise, smoking is prohibited in air-conditioned areas such as shopping malls, public eateries, public transportation, entertainment outlets etc.

Singapore hotels and restaurants already levy a 10% service charge on customers’ bills so there is no need to add a tip on top of the bill.  Other places in Singapore also generally do not practise tipping.

What to Wear
For maximum comfort, visitors should take into account Singapore’s warm and humid weather when deciding what clothes to pack.  Casual wear is acceptable in most places but certain occasions and establishments may require something more formal.

Useful Telephone Numbers

Police : 999 (toll-free)
Flight Information : 1800 542 4422
Time of Day : 1711
Weather Information : 6542 7788
Sinagpore Tourism Board 24-hr Touristline : (65) 6736 2000 (outside Singapore)
  1800 736 2000  (toll-free in Singapore)
CitySearch (Operator-Assisted Yellow Pages) : 1900 777 7777



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