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Summery on Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine that is indigenous to and widely practiced in India. The word Ayurveda is a Sanskrit term meaning “science of life” Ayu means “life” or “daily living” and Veda is “knowing” Ayurveda was first recorded in the Vedas, the world’s oldest extant literature. This healing system has been practiced in daily life in India for more than 5000 years.

Ayurveda teaches that man is a microcosm, a universe within himself. He is a child of the cosmic forces of the external environment, the microcosm. His individual existence is indivisible from the total cosmic manifestation. Ayurveda views health and “disease” in holistic terms, taking into consideration the inherent relationship between individual and cosmic spirit, individual and cosmic consciousness, energy and matter.

According to the teachings of Ayurveda, every human being has four biological and spiritual instincts: religious, financial, procreative and the instinct towards freedom. Balanced good health is the foundation for the fulfillment of these instincts. Ayurveda helps the healthy person to maintain health, and the diseased person to regain health. It is a medical-metaphysical healing life-science, the mother of all healing arts. The practice of Ayurveda is designed to promote human happiness, health and creative growth.

Through studying the teachings of Ayurveda, the practical knowledge of self healing may be acquired by anyone. By the proper balance of all energies in the body, the processes of physical deterioration and disease can be impressively reduced. This concept is basic to ayurvedic science: the capability of the individual for self-healing.

Ayurveda focuses on the maintenance of homeostasis, i.e. the balanced internal milieu of the body while treating the disease, aiming at total well-being of the person. Homeostasis of the body is done by normalization of the 3 ‘Dhoshas” (bio-energies) viz. “ Vatha”, “Pitta” and “Kapha” and aims at holistic curve of ailments.

Ayurveda is most suitable for people with stress-related conditions that are usually not effectively cured by conventional western medicine. It can also produce positive results in managing disorders such as infertility, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthyritis, hypertension, and other chronic illnesses and infectious diseases.

Ayurveda treats diseases and maintains health over mind body and soul. such as medications, massage, yoga, cleansing and detoxification programmes, diet control and exercise. It uses natural and herbal to correcting imbalances in the body and balance the imbalance conditions.

Type of Ayurvedic Therpies

Abhyanga (Full Body oil massage) – This is a highly relaxing and rejuvenating massage, gentle application of warm and prescribed herbal oil. This has been found to expel toxins, alleviate fatigue, delay aging, improve blood circulation, enhance the immune system and rejuvenate the body.

Kativasti (Luke warm oil retained over the specific affected area) – Luke warm medicated ayurvedic oil is placed on the lower back region by making an herbal past boundary. The main benefits of this specialised Ayurvedic therapy are to reduce muscles spasms, lower spine rigidity, and strengthen bone tissues of the lower back.

Shirodhara (Continuous pouring of oil over the forehead) – Prescribed herbal oil is poured continuously over the forehead, after an application of medicated oil to the entire body. It is designed to calm the central nervous system and restore equilibrium of oil Doshas. This is also highly effective for chronic headaches like migraine.

Tharpanam (Retaining medicated oil over the eyes) - Tharpanam therapy improves eye sight, strengthens the optic nerce and prevent various eye diseases. It is basically an eye-cleansing process and gives a cooling effect to eyes. During tharpanam, the medicated oil is retained over the eye which is bordered with a thick herbal combination that prevents the oild from seeping out of the enclosure.

Twak Prasadanam (Ayurvedic Facial; beauty and skin care) - The herbal pack contains different herbs made into a paste. It prevent aging of skin, avoids wrinkes and gives a good skin tone. It avioids pigmentation or discoloration of facial skin, and is beneficial in treating sun burn related conditions.

Ayurvedic therapies for back pain, neck, spine, kneed joints, sprains, muscle pulls, aches, sleeping disorders, indigestion, loss of apetitie, Gastritic problems, stroke, migraine, Gynaecological disorders, hair loss.

Special programmes can de designed for fat reduction, hair loss, skin care, eye care, detoxification.






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